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A Symons Cone Crusher can crush materials with middle to very high hardness, materials such as, metal ore,granite, basalt, limestone, sandstone and much much more.

If your mining or aggregate business runs 24 hours a day and needs high reduction with large capacity the Symons type cone crusher can be optimized to meet your demands.

The Symons Cone Crusher features:

  • The crushing chamber can be setup for different materials with the finished products fineness and particle size adjustable.
  • Sealed and dust-proof to extend the time required between lubricant replacement and wearable parts replacement
  • A Symons Cone Crusher offers great productivity, superior reliability and flexibility, long service life, better final product quality.
  • With reduced production costs per ton hour of material processed your operation can achieve a high level of profitability.

A cone crusher is almost the same as a gyratory crusher, it has less of a slope in the crushing chamber and is more parallel between crushing zones. A cone crusher breaks rock by squeezing the rock between an rotating spindle. As rock goes in the top, it becomes wedged between the mantle and the concave. Large chunks of ore are broken, and fall to a lower position where they are broken again. This process repeats until the material is small enough to exit from the bottom of the crusher.

The Symons Cone Crusher has been around for years, they are widely used when a larger quantity crush is required

Cone crushers are typically used to reduce rock in size at the secondary or tertiary stage. Sometimes, especially with the Telsmith 369 or 489 cones, they can be used as a primary crusher, especially processing sand and gravel. This page provides much more detail on specific cone crushers, including drawings show a side view of the inside of both shorthead and standard cone crushers, and information on capacities and specifications. Additional illustrations of the inside of a cone crusher can be viewed.

The standard configuration cone crusher allows a larger feed rock and the minimum crushing chamber length is shorter than on the shorthead type. This allows a more evenly distributed discharge gradation, and produces fewer fines.

The shorthead/ fine configuration cone crusher has a more limited feed opening and the minimum crushing chamber length is much longer, resulting in a higher percentage of fines being produced.

The Symons shorthead cone crushers include the 3SH, 4SH, 4 1/4SH, 5 1/2SH, and 7SH. The Symons standard cone crushers include the 3S, 4S, 4 1/4S, 5 1/2S, and 7S.

Other manufacturers such as Telsmith call their shorthead type a "fine cone", or FC for short. The Telsmith fine cone crushers include the 36FC, 48FC, and 66FC. The Telsmith standard cone crushers include the 36S, 48S, and 66S. Telsmith also makes a 389S and 489S which are standard cone crushers that allow a larger size of feed rock and are designed to produce less fines and greater production.